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Men's Sexual Issues Small Group



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Sexual Issues Men's Small Group

The Sexual Issues Men's Small Group meets concurrently with the Men's Mixed Issues Group, but in a separate room. 

If you believe you are the only person who will have a sexual issue or addiction at the CR meeting, please be reassured.  This Men's Small Group continues to grow, and truth be told, most men could benefit from the lessons to be learned and testimonies shared in this group.  Lust doesn't just consist of viewing printed, movie, or Internet pornography; it also consists of the lingering look at an attractive woman other than your wife, fantasizing about women other than your wife, or watching any movies or reading printed material with the intent of - or that results in - becoming aroused.  Today's marketing tactics readily employ lust-targeted imagery and sound, so it is nearly inescapable in modern society.  This group is also a safe place to share pain and frustration, and begin recovery, associated with sexual issues within a marriage.

The Genesis of Our Lust

Our lust started as uncontrolled expressions of our God-given sexual abilities, but soon became an overpowering desire for pleasurable relief from inner pain, emptiness, or insecurity, with which we could not cope. At first, it worked. For a time, sex with ourselves or with others dissolved the tension, relieved the depression, resolved the conflict, and provided the means to deal with, or escape from, seemingly unbearable life situations.

Eventually, our quest for relief became an addiction or compulsion, and took on a life of its own. Pleasure and relief were gradually replaced with tension, depression, rage, guilt, and even physical distress. To relieve this new pain, we resorted to more sex and lust, losing more control in the process. We were driven to spend more time thinking about and carrying out our addiction or compulsion, and lived in denial to avoid recognizing how much of our life it controlled.

Finally, our condition came to take priority over everything: our ability to work, live in the real world, relate with others, and be close to God. What started as the cure had become the sickness. The answer had become the problem. We were hopelessly addicted to lust.

Overcoming Lust and Temptation

A new loneliness overwhelmed us as we realized that we had become increasingly separated from God and our loved ones. We began to seek control of our lust, and as we stayed free from acting out for some length of time, we discovered that even though we may not be acting out our compulsion, our obsession was still with us.

We began to recognize the many disguises the Enemy uses to trick us into lusting. We learned not to rely on our failed and weakened selves, but rather to turn to God's pure love and absolute power. With increased reliance on God, we worked on recovery with altered attitudes and growing humility, and we gained progressive victory over lust.

As we yielded to God, temptation began to lose its control over us. When we admitted we were powerless and gave our lives and our will over to God, He worked in us, and we began enjoy a new balance in our lives. Leaning on and learning from others in the program, we continue to walk in His strength, gaining true freedom from lust and sin through obedience to Christ, our Lord.

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