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Testimony (Sheila)

Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to “fit in”. I came from a loving but broken home. My parents separated when I was 5. I would spend evenings and weekends with a family member or one of my mom’s friends. My mother worked very hard to provide for her family I would see my dad some weekends or when my mom would run into him at a bar and bring him home, I would be so happy to wake up to hear my daddy coughing . See I was a “daddy’s girl” though I didn’t see him that much as a child, but I cherish all the memories of riding in his big truck and him taking me shopping. I have 2 sisters and brother on my mom’s side and 2 sisters and a brother on my dad’s side. Although they are my half sisters and brothers there are still my sisters and brothers. I was not close with my siblings on my dad’s side growing up but God has stepped in and now I have a very close relationship with them. Now I know why I had to lose my dad to cancer.

He went home to be with the Lord in 2001 seven years after my mother. I felt like an orphan. Where do I belong?


I accepted Jesus into my heart in November of 1998 at Fellowship Baptist in West Springfield.  

After much persuasion from my daycare provider, now one of my closest friends, Angel Whisenant,

I started coming to Calvary Road in 2001. 

In September of 2004, I took the longest walk I thought I would ever take…..across the church parking lot to my first Celebrate Recovery meeting. I was going to get some information for help my then husband,  who’s an alcoholic and addict. That night was the beginning of something big God had planned for me. I heard a testimony from Jim Baker (founder of Celebrate Recovery) and his wife. I never heard the word codependent much less think I was one. I continued to attend weekly meetings and even started a step study, which is where the rubber meets the road. I realized I am POWERLESS in changing anyone but myself. See for years I was NOT helping my husband or my marriage by making excuses or keeping secrets or even trying to control him.  

By attending Celebrate Recovery many opportunities have opened for me. I started volunteering for the Consignment Sales and now I am a leader (which by the way, is coming up and we need volunteers). I started working in the nursery which now I’m part of the child care team. But I got to tell you one of my favorite positions is going to Camp Shenandoah. I went a few years ago as part of the medical team. I can’t begin to tell you the impact that week had on my daughters, Sarah Emily & Gracie, and myself.  

The week after camp; Mike, the girls and I moved to Ft Myers, Fl for a new beginning. That New Beginning turned out to be same thing just different state. I tried finding a church even checked out a couple of Celebrate Recovery meetings. I couldn’t find what we have here. 

After returning from a visit to VA in June of 06, I realized Florida just wasn’t where I or my precious Angels needed to be.

We were back in Florida a week when we received an eviction notice, then a couple days after that the electricity was cut off, ever been to Florida in the summer with no AC…..it’s hot.  It wasn’t until a family member had threatened to take my girls away from me did I finally get it. I thanked her for caring so much that she would say such. I began to break. With no money, no home, 3 kids, what am I going to do? At that moment I began to pray “Lord please lead me”. He did.

I made some phone calls, borrowed money, rented a truck, and my daughters and I headed for Virginia.  When we arrived I had $10.00 in my pocket and less than a ¼ tank of gas in that big ol’ truck.  By God’s grace: We made it!   

With arms wide open, Sam & Chris Braman welcomed us into their home for a month. While there I tried getting things in order. Renee Burris called asked “how can I help”. I didn’t know how to answer; I didn’t have a job, car, house or any money. I didn’t know where to start. She knew though, “we got to get you a car” and made it happen. Then our month was up at the Braman’s and Vickie Boals calls and says we have plenty of room, you and the girls come on. That’s how we became a part of the Boals family. The girls felt so comfortable and secure and so did I. But we couldn’t stay there forever we all knew that. After getting hired back with the county I began to look for a home. Again God stepped in and found us a cute little townhouse less than a mile away from Vickie and George that is affordable.

The next months flew by. Eventually the Lord started working on me and restoring my marriage. I decided to give it one last shot.So invited my husband back into our lives and home.After 9 months of recovery my husband began slipping a little at a time until things were just like they were before. FINALLY I had enough. My daughters were not going through this yet again. I asked my husband to leave after 2 weeks of getting my 5 year chip. I felt like a failure and should turn in back in and start over. My sponsor assured me of my growth and I’m right where I need to be. I can’t explain the joy I have in my life right now. It ALL comes from the Lord and the people the Lord has brought in my life…….. YOU GUYS.

It’s amazing when I’m having a pitty party for Sheila someone calls me and asks for a listening ear then I forget all about my pitty party and find the joy again.

I’ve made some life long friend here at Celebrate Recovery. This ministry has truly changed my life.  

1 Corinthians 10:12-13 says “So if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall.  No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful.”…….. Did you hear that? God is faithful. I wasn’t careful and I fell. God and many of you were there to pick me up. God has been so faithful in my life. 

I couldn’t have started my walk with Him without working the steps of Celebrate Recovery. I have stepped out of DENIAL and now have HOPE. I understand that only God’s power can change us and our situation. 

I have decided to TURN my life and trust over to Jesus Christ. I’m taking ACTION in MY life. 

It’s so cool to hear how the Lord is working with in my daughters’ lives as well. Emily was even able to assist leading her best friend to the Lord which has lead Cathy’s family to coming faithfully each week.    

Now I KNOW where I fit in and where I belong. It’s right here with Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior by my side. 

Celebrate Recovery is NOT just for people who struggle with drugs and alcohol. It’s a safe place for people who struggle with any hurt, habit or hang up. There is only one perfect man and that is Jesus Christ. Therefore all of us struggle with something. What’s your struggle? Celebrate Recovery can help you start your journey to recovery and your journey with Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for letting me share. 


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Last updated 12/10/09